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Our Expertise

Regulatory and Licensing Support
Technical Health Physics Solutions
Radiation Protection Programs

ChesNuc provides regulatory experience assisting licensing organizations in radiological support for both new and existing nuclear facilities:

  • License applications and FSAR support:

    • Radiation Protection Program (Ch. 12)

    • Radioactive Waste and Effluent management programs (Ch. 11)

    • Accident Analysis and Emergency Preparedness

  • Radiation protection, radioactive effluent or radioactive waste regulatory programs:

    • Compliance evaluations

    • Regulatory Guides

    • Technical analyses

  • Environmental Impact Statement development and review

  • Technical health physics issue resolution and support

  • Environmental pathway dose modeling and assessment (NRCDose, RESRAD, RASCAL)

ChesNuc staff includes degreed health-physicists who maintain CHP and NRRPT certifications and have extensive technical health physics experience.  The staff’s experience and training allows us to provide practical and efficient solutions to operational and technical radiation protection issues. 

  • Complex internal or external dose assessment

  • Radioactive waste management, characterization and classification

  • Shielding analysis (MicroShieldTM, MCNP, SCALE)

  • Environmental modeling and dose assessment

  • Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP) and Offsite Dose Calculation Manual (ODCM) development, implementation and assessment

  • Emergency preparedness exposure and contamination modeling.

ChesNuc has extensive experience in operational health physics and radiation protection program management and can provide the following services:  

  • Radiation Protection program evaluation, assessment and process improvement

  • RP Program technical basis development

    • ALARA

    • Dosimetry

    • Radioactive Waste

    • Air Sampling

    • Instrumentation

    • Respiratory Protection

  • Procedure and technical basis development, improvement and documentation

  • Integrated Safety Management

  • Radiation Protection Program, technical health physics and radiological emergency planning training

  • Support and interface with regulatory authorities

Radiological Emergency Planning
Radiological Environmental Monitoring
  • Radiological Emergency Planning and Preparedness  development, including:

    • Accident dose assessment

    • Emergency Action Levels

    • Drill scenario support


Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP) and Offsite Dose Calculation Manual (ODCM) development, implementation and assessment

ChesNuc has extensive experience in MARSSIM decommissioning, including program development and implementation.  ChesNuc can develop or perform:

  • Historical site assessments

  • Characterization Surveys

  • RESRAD modeling

  • Derived Concentration Guidelines (DCGLs)

  • Final Status Survey plans


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